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Ellia Lemon Essential Oil - 15ml - 15-07288

Ellia Lemon Essential Oil - 15ml - 15-07288

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Ellia lemon essential oil is sourced and bottled exclusively in the USA. The Childproof cap and violet glass bottles protect the essential oil’s precious qualities.


Liven up with Ellia lemon essential oil. Its invigorating aroma is bright, citrusy and it can help to stay focused. With its natural cleansing properties, you can also use it to fight tough odors and freshen the air. To experience the effects topically, pick your favorite carrier oil, then mix the two together.


How to Use Ellia Essential Oils

Ellia essential oils can be used at the office or at home in one of Ellia’s electric diffusers or add a little calm to a smaller space with one of the Non-Electric Element diffusers.

Additional Features

  • Scent: citrus
  • Type: single note
  • Use: diffuser, household
  • Benefit: promote mental clarity, boost energy, cleanse & purify
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