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Ellia White/Pink Calm Waters Essential Oil Diffuser & 15ml Rise Up Essential Oil - 15-07284

Ellia White/Pink Calm Waters Essential Oil Diffuser & 15ml Rise Up Essential Oil - 15-07284

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Simple Luxuries are often the best. The simple porcelain Ellia diffusers requires no power or water, just empty the included essential oil and relax to therapeutic scents.


Relish the beauty of water lilies with a Calm Waters Porcelain Aroma Diffuser from the Ellia Elements Collection. Perfect for any desk, bathroom, or favorite small space — just add a favorite essential oil and enjoy the subtle aroma. The process is simple: A wick soaks up Ellia essential oil and releases the scent through the porcelain petals, without water or electricity. Consciously crafted from ceramic and porcelain, and delightfully sized to fit in the palm of your hand. Includes a 15-ml bottle of Ellia Essential Oil. Create the perfect environment with Ellia Essential Oils and Diffusers. The beautiful diffusers gently lift the aroma of Ellia Essential Oils into the air to help reduce stress, boost mental clarity, and soothe the body and mind. Ellia Diffusers are attractive, functional centerpieces that add natural style to your home.


Ellia White/Pink Calm Waters Essential Oil Diffuser



Charming Design

Calm Waters porcelain diffuser is delightfully easy to use. Simply remove the cap and orifice reducer from your oil bottle using the orifice reducer tool and pour the essential oil into the diffuser base. Replace the diffuser top and let the rope wick soak up the essential oil. The aroma should begin to slowly diffuse into the air. The diffuser will provide scent for up to 2 weeks if filled with 15 ml of oil. Add another 15 ml bottle of oil as needed or when the rope wick begins to dry and the scent fades. Discoloration of the porcelain top is normal and will vary depending on the oil used. The porcelain top will also begin to fade in color when it is time to add more oil.

Additional Features

  • Simple to use
  • Requires no power
  • Looks like art
  • Includes starter kit of essential oil to last 2 weeks
  • Easy care instructions included
  • Works with all Ellia essential oils
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