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iPad 10.9 2022 ZAGG Messenger Folio2 Case - Charcoal - 15-10957

iPad 10.9 2022 ZAGG Messenger Folio2 Case - Charcoal - 15-10957

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The ZAGG Messenger Folio 2 packs a punch with premium features like the space-efficient standing design and highlighted function keys.


Using your iPad makes it easy to work from anywhere, but to be truly productive, you need a keyboard with all the right functions. The ZAGG Messenger Folio 2 has laptop-style keys and a durable case with a tab for the Apple Pencil. It also has high-end features like special function keys, space-efficient design, and a polished, professional look that make this keyboard case combo a stand-out.

Built-in Standing Design

Your iPad locks into a slot on the keyboard and fits neatly into the top of the case, making it easy to use in tight spaces, like an airplane tray.

Laptop-style Keys

ZAGG’s keyframe design provides optimal key travel for clean, precise keystrokes and an easy, comfortable typing experience.

Long-lasting Battery

Type for up to a year before recharging the battery.* Keyboard automatically turns off when folded backwards against the tablet. The sleep/wake function helps preserve battery life when keyboard is not in use.

*Based on regular use of one hour per day.

Additional Features

  • Space-efficient standing design
  • Magnetic closure provides additional protection by holding the case securely closed
  • Spacious laptop-style keys provide a comfortable typing experience
  • Highlighted function keys increase your speed and efficiency
  • A built-in loop holds the Apple Pencil and keeps it close at-hand
  • Pairs instantly
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