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iPhone 15 Pro Max ZAGG (GEAR4) Everest Snap Kickstand Case - Black - 15-11710

iPhone 15 Pro Max ZAGG (GEAR4) Everest Snap Kickstand Case - Black - 15-11710

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Strengthened with Graphene, Everest is the strongest player in the ZAGG ecosystem of smartphone cases built to deliver ultimate strength and durability that surpasses all others.


Step into the realm of unrivalled smartphone protection with Everest, the powerhouse in the ZAGG ecosystem of cases. Setting the bar high, Everest’s triple-layer construction delivers the ultimate protection with TPU lining, a PC back plate, and a Graphene-fortified inner plate. The integrated metal multi-mode kickstand provides convenient hands-free viewing, while the snap ring ensures compatibility with MagSafe. With the heat dissipation feature, Everest will help keep your device cool, even during intense usage or in high-temperature environments.

Extreme Strength

Graphene is one of the strongest and most conductive man-made materials on Earth. It is harder than a diamond, yet more elastic than rubber, and up to 200x stronger than steel.

Leading innovators in aviation, aerospace, professional sports equipment, and military gear have already embraced the potential of Graphene. Now, ZAGG is bringing this technology to protect your device.

Additional Features

  • Triple-layer protection
  • Protected with Graphene technology
  • 20ft/6m drop protection
  • Heat dissipation
  • Compatible with MagSafe
  • Integrated kickstand provides optimal, hands-free viewing
  • Made with up to 92% recycled materials
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