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Naztech MagBuddy Elite Anywhere+ Mount - Black - 15-11935

Naztech MagBuddy Elite Anywhere+ Mount - Black - 15-11935

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Naztech MagBuddy® Elite Anywhere+ Mount is a new cradle-less magnetic mounting system designed to secure your devices with an attractive “floating” look.


The Naztech MagBuddy® Elite Anywhere+ Mount is compact featuring a sleek carbon-fiber finish designed to secure your devices. Peel and stick this cradleless magnetic mount anywhere. The flexible adhesive base contours to nearly any surface, including your curved dashboard, a car door, cabinets, or walls. This makes it perfect for use in your vehicle, office, or home.

Compact & Cradle-Free

The mount features no arms, legs, or brackets that could potentially snag or tangle cables or block access to ports, buttons, and dashboard controls.

Kitchen Assistant

Keep your device safely off the countertop so you can scroll through recipes or cook along with your favorite chef without worrying about spills or messy accidents.

MagBuddy® Plate Installation Options

The MagBuddy® comes with 2 adhesive metal plates that can be applied directly to your device, adhered to the battery just under the battery cover, sandwiched in-between the phone and case or to the outside of the case.

Additional Features

  • Cradle-less mounting system
  • 4 built-in neodymium magnets for safe and secure attachment
  • Mounts to nearly any surface — flat or curved, smooth or textured
  • Peel and stick design with flexible flaps and 3M adhesive base
  • 360° Swivel Ball Technology for optimal viewing
  • Integrated cable clip to hold your charging cable right where you need it
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