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Samsung Galaxy S22 5G UAG Outback BIO Case - Black - 15-09608

Samsung Galaxy S22 5G UAG Outback BIO Case - Black - 15-09608

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UAG Outback features amazing 12ft drop protection in a compostable case made for the roughest environments, never compromising on looks, environmentalism or protection. Trust UAG Outback.


Get the case built for life on the edge. The UAG Outback Bio brings users great 12ft Military Drop Protection and doesn’t compromise on looks or sustainability. This 100% compostable UAG case handles the Outback and doesn’t leave a big footprint behind. Outback has the look and protection you’ve come to expect from UAG, with a green thumb and a soft and grippy organic material you can’t wait to get in your hands. Tough, Mindful and Compostable, those are the rules to live by for the UAG Outback Bio.

Additional Features

  • Compostable case, not just biodegradable.
  • Made from Organic Materials
  • 12 ft/3.6M drop protection
  • Raised camera bevel for additional protection
  • Interior hollow honeycomb structure
  • Single material design, features unique speckling
  • Wireless charging compatible
  • 100% recyclable packaging with soy-based inks
  • Meets military drop-t
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