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Samsung Galaxy SmartTag+ - Blue - 15-10713

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag+ - Blue - 15-10713

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Tracking lost items is easy with the Samsung Bluetooth SmartTag+, designed to attach to keys, bags, or other personal belongings.


The best rival to Apple's AirTag for Android users, Samsung’s SmartTag+ is easy to mount on keys or bags or even to the family pet and is powered by Bluetooth within a range of up to 120m.

AR Finding

AR Finding gives you a uniquely visual way to locate a lost item with a SmartTag+ attached. It even lets you know you're close with a glimmering green light when you're at the destination. It shows you the way on your phone screen through the SmartThings app.

 Samsung Galaxy SmartTag+ - AR Finding

* For Galaxy SmartTag+, Samsung account log-in and registration on SmartThings Find is required. Galaxy SmartTag+ needs to be paired with ultra-wideband(UWB)-enabled Galaxy smartphones with Android 11 or higher to fully function.
** AR finding works between devices that support UWB technology. UWB is supported in Galaxy S21 Ultra, Galaxy S21+, Galaxy Note20 Ultra and Galaxy Z Fold2.
*** Accuracy may be reduced if there's an obstacle between you and the tag, such as when the tag is inside a drawer, behind a wall, or in a car.

Finding lost things nearby

If you think your lost item is nearby but can’t quite find it, tap the ring button on your mobile and follow the familiar sound of your ringtone calling for you at the volume you set.

 Samsung Galaxy SmartTag+ - find lost things

* Galaxy SmartTag+ has a Bluetooth range of up to 120m without obstacles. Actual performance may vary depending on the environment where they are used.

Locate your things from far away

Use the Galaxy Find Network* to find an item that is out of range. Even when offline, the Galaxy Find Network* can use scanned data to find it for you privately. You can also use other devices you own to locate your items.

 Samsung Galaxy SmartTag+ - locate your things

* This feature is only available with Galaxy devices.

SmartTag+ for home automation

SmartTag+ can control various IoT devices with just a click of a button, so you can turn on the lights in your home before you even step inside.

 Samsung Galaxy SmartTag+ - home automation

*IoT devices need to be registered within the SmartThings app for the feature to function.
** The button feature on the SmartTag+ does not function without being connected to the user's mobile device.
*** IoT products sold separately.
**** Compatible devices in SmartThings app can be checked on SmartThings website at

Additional Features

  • Bluetooth 5.0.
  • Battery life: Max. 165 days.
  • Compatible with Galaxy devices (smartphones, tablets) with Android OS 8 or higher.

Package Contents

SmartTag+, Battery (attached), Quick Start Guide
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