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Samsung OEM 15W Wireless Charger - Black - 15-09846

Samsung OEM 15W Wireless Charger - Black - 15-09846

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Unlock the power of Super Fast Wireless Charging or charge any compatible Qi charging phone. The built-in fan cooling system enables fast charging with less power consumption*


Power your device quickly

The Wireless Charger Pad has a built-in cooling system with a fan and charges your phone even faster with less power consumption than competing products.

Protect your Galaxy device with safe charge

The 15W charger is the best choice to keep your Galaxy device safe from high temperatures and humidity, and from overheating when charging. It also automatically detects when objects interfere during the charge and is tested to ensure Galaxy device compatibility.

*Wireless charger requires power connection. Charging speeds may vary by device. Actual charging speed may varies depending on usage, charging conditions and other factors.

Additional Features

  • Comes with 25W PD Power Adapter
  • Includes USB C to C cable
  • Maximum charge rate of 15W, power output varies between 10W and 15W depending on device.
  • Built-in fan cooling system
  • Slim and compact design
  • LED charging indicator light
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