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iPhone 15 Pro Max ZAGG InvisibleShield Glass XTR3 Screen Protector - 15-11722

iPhone 15 Pro Max ZAGG InvisibleShield Glass XTR3 Screen Protector - 15-11722

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The ZAGG InvisibleShield Glass XTR3 Screen Protector features 60% blue light filtration and offers strong, advanced screen protection constructed with planet-friendly materials.


Strong, Advanced Protection

The Glass XTR3 with Hexiom Impact Technology, made up of micro hexagons that bond to absorb and dissipate impacts with a honeycomb micro-structure, is engineered to be unbreakable.

Anti-reflective Technology

Contains anti-reflective treated layers that are designed to cancel out the reflected light while allowing transmitted light through to maximize clarity.

Anti-Dust Adhesive

No need to worry about dust during install. The new adhesives will adhere over most debris should there be an unwanted element present during install.

Made with Recycled Glass

Made with up to 30% recycled glass.

60% Blue Light Filtration

Eyesafe technology filters 60% of intense blue light at 435-440nm, protecting from the effect of over exposure to high-energy blue light.

Full Screen Coverage

Edge-to-edge coverage including protection over the notch means not a single bit of your device screen is exposed to impacts.

Maximum Touch Sensitivity

Engineered for gaming with maximum touch sensitivity and an advanced nano-coating, so your device responds to every touch and swipe.

EZ Apply® Installation

EZ Apply® tabs and a drop-in installation tray make applying your screen protector simple and accurate.

Additional Features

  • Strongest, most advanced protection in ZAGG’s InvisibleShield family
  • SiO2 strengthening nano-surface
  • Made from strengthened recycled glass
  • AR enhanced display for maximum clarity and color accuracy
  • Maximum touch sensitivity
  • Full screen coverage
  • 60% blue light filtration
  • Anti-dust adhesive for perfect dust-free installations
  • EZ Apply® I
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